Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co., L.L.C. ("BRS") is a New York-based private equity investment firm with approximately $1.4 billion in funds under management. Founded in 1995 by former senior executives of Citicorp Venture Capital, Ltd., BRS specializes in management buyouts and recapitalizations of high quality, middle market companies with strong market positions and/or growth potential. BRS's philosophy is to back the management of its portfolio companies, allowing them operational freedom with long-term equity incentives and support. BRS provides expertise to portfolio companies in the areas of financing, acquisitions and strategic long-term planning focused upon realization of value.

The founders of BRS have had extensive experience since the mid 1980's in initiating, negotiating, financing, closing and overseeing numerous private equity investments in diverse industries throughout a range of economic cycles and financial market conditions. They have undertaken management buyouts of public companies, private companies, and divisions of larger companies; recapitalizations of closely held companies providing both liquidity and continual ownership to existing owners; build-ups of significant enterprises through acquisitions; and equity investments in growth companies.

BRS has invested, and expects to continue to invest, in diverse industries in transactions generated through past industry experience and relationships built over the last 20 plus years of investment history. Broad sectors in which BRS invests include: